Video – Knife Skills: Onion Dice.

Video – Knife Skills: Onion Dice.

Let’s add another ninja knife skill to your repertoire. Be sure to use a sharp knife and watch your fingers. It’s tricky at first, and it will feel strange. But then, with some practice, you will become efficient beyond your wildest dreams.

My favorite part of this slice is at the end, when I get to watch all my beautiful little onion dice cascading off my knife. So satisfying. So useful. So fun. Next up – #BAOnionChallenge

*BONUS TIP – At the end, you can still chop up the last little bit of onion around the root. Simply lay this piece flat, and dice it up (around the root) in a size that will match the rest of your onion dice. Then, discard the root piece. Voila! No waste.

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