Workshop Description: The Plant Based Kitchen Cooking School is featuring Healthy Living (vegan/vegetarian/plant based) “cook with me” Cooking Classes and in this two hour basics course you will learn about starters, appetizers and snacks.

Appetizers have always been thought of as time consuming and fussy, but no more. These versatile recipes are great anytime. The recipes in this session are amazingly quick and easy to prepare and are so packed with flavor, they taste like they took all day to make. We will also feature knife skills training and you will learn such cutting techniques of Julienne and Brunoise and more.

The Plant Based Kitchen Cooking School will accommodate 12 attendees per session for a more personalized “cook with me” approach. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn how to cook recipes such as: Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips, Super Nachos, Sweet Potato Bruschetta and more. Don’t these recipes sound delicious!!

In these classes you will learn how to make wonderful recipes right along with Kelley Williamson and Julie Fenn, (Chefs). Within the classes we will also feature our resident Nutritionist, Jerry Casados, who will share nutritional information and help all of us understand why living a healthy lifestyle is important.

What’s Included: All supplies and food!

What to Bring: Please bring Tupperware or plastic storage bags to class so you can take the food you make home with you

Level: Beginner/12+

Length: 2 Hours

Instructor: Kelley Williamson, Julie Fenn, Jerry Casados

Register: Here!