About me

Founder and Head Chef.

My Mission

  1. Cook with Whole food – In its most natural, least processed form.
  2. Eat more Plants – I strive to fill my plate with plants.
  3. Source Local ingredients – Nourish my body and a more sustainable economy.
  4. Consume Organic – Ditch the GMO’s and pesticides.
  5. Chose Seasonal – For a closer relationship to the earth and more nutrient dense food.
  6. Embrace Diversity – Aim to see a rainbow on my plate each week.
  7. Create Space – Sit, eat and laugh with people I love.
  8. Live a Little – Don’t forget to indulge in treats. Life is short; treats are delicious.
  9. Have Fun – Express myself creatively with shapes, colors, textures and flavors.
  10. Make it Delicious – We eat three times a day. Every bite should be sensational.
My love affair with food began slowly, inspired at first by my taste buds and the thrill of accidentally lighting my kitchen on fire. Wait. Did I just admit to that?? The more I learned, and ate, the more I wanted to taste and understand everything about my food.

Where does it come from? Why do some tomatoes grow up funny looking? How do seeds grow into grilled zucchini and what makes some flowers edible and how can I grow them?

I started to cook more, and shop at farmers markets. I read more ingredients lists, and started to pay attention to how food makes me feel. I ate out less, and cooked in my kitchen more with local, organic ingredients. I started eating more plants and fewer animal proteins. And the more I cooked for myself, the better I felt. It didn’t take long before I was making most of my meals from scratch and planting seeds in my backyard. Which are now grown up to be funny-looking vegetables. And I love them all.

I then spent 6 months studying food, proper cooking techniques, nutrition and healing at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. It was an incredible experience. I ate my way through the city’s incredible restaurant scene, made inspiring life-long friends, and was able to fully immerse myself in a culture of holistic, healing, delicious food.

Now, here I find myself, back in Denver, armed with proper technique, a backyard full of veggies and some edible flowers too. I still work as a Registered Nurse in a busy endoscopy center, and I love my job. I’m also still in love with plants – the miracle of how they grow, the way they taste and their ability to bring bliss and good health to my plate. I’m aiming to bring more deliciousness into the world. One garden, one bite, one plate, at a time. Thank you for reading my story. Enjoy the recipes and do let me know if you make any of them yourself. I love hearing from you.

Julie Fenn is a Holistic, Natural Foods Chef, cooking snow or shine, in Denver, Colorado. She graduated in 2013 from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and now combines her holistic culinary expertise with almost a decade of experience working as a Registered Nurse. You can find her creating, photographing and taste-testing her way across the Front Range.

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